Clean Drinking Water Around The World

Protected Clean Water To Save Lives

Drinking water is one of the most elementary elements of existence. Nevertheless a believed 2 million young children die just about every year from conditions prompted by unsafe consuming h2o.

But this grim picture is altering, thanks to the Children’s Harmless Consuming Water system and h2o purification know-how by P¯UR. The method is using a contemporary method to the global trouble of contaminated drinking drinking water and is encouraging people to stop drinking water that is linked to illnesses and death in young children. The Children’s Safe Consuming Water application, initiated by Procter & Gamble (P&G), involves emergency aid  to natural disasters, schooling of regional communities about the significance of thoroughly clean drinking drinking water, and the establishment of not-for-income marketplaces to distribute P¯UR water-cleaning technological know-how to those in require.

Reworking Contaminated H2o Into Thoroughly Clean Drinking Water

“This straightforward, value-efficient sachet is as little as a tea bag but it helps make a major distinction,” says Dr. Greg Allgood, the director of the Kid’s Harmless Ingesting Water method. “The contents of the P¯UR sachet are emptied into ten liters of contaminated water, and with easy instructions, contaminated water is apparent and cleanse in 30 minutes.”

Scientific studies show that P¯UR sachets lower diarrhea, a widespread sickness and lead to of death in children, up to 50 per cent. To day, the Kid’s Risk-free Consuming H2o software has distributed plenty of P¯UR sachets to supply five hundred million liters of clean, purified consuming water to children all-around the earth.

How You Can Help

Procter & Gamble and P¯UR assist the Children’s Secure Drinking Drinking water plan. When you invest in a P¯UR pitcher or faucet-mount water filtration system at your area retailer, a share of that  will go toward the Children’s Safe Consuming H2o plan  in Kenya.

These donations go a long way to assist little ones and develop the plan. By selecting a P¯UR Water Filtration Method or alternative filter to offer cleanse, great-tasting h2o for your spouse and children, you are also taking part in a very important purpose in supplying cleanse drinking water to families and small children in building countries these types of as Kenya.

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